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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Eve and The Mary Onettes

Thanks to everyone that came out last night on such short notice. We had fun, and hope you did too.

We just confirmed with Ulysses at Fallout last night that we'll be having our Second Annual FEVER New Year's Eve Party. This year it's a masquerade event, so bring your disguises if you have them. We'll probably start around 8:30 so that anyone coming from outside of Dallas can get there early to avoid the crazies on the streets later on. Good music, champagne at midnight, and everything else you would expect at a NYE party.

Here's a live performance of our latest discovery, The Mary Onettes. They played this band a lot at a night I used to go to in New York called Mondo, and I finally got my hands on the album the other day. They're from Sweden, and they love JAMC, the Bunnymen, and New Order. There's not much original about their sound, but they do it very well. If you were there early last night, you heard the studio version of this song.

The Mary Onettes - "Lost"

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