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Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh Fiddle Faddle - So I am the Guy With The Speakers Now!

Well talk about being pulled left to right... Well I got the new Mission Giant album from Mica the other day and I have just finished listening to track 5 of Golden Triangle. To first start off, I have known these guys for a while now and if you haven't seem them live you certainly should. This Denton band takes elements from DEVO and many of the older classic 80 blip beep 8 bit MOOGY sounds of yesterday. Anyways I must say that I really enjoyed this album. Not only that is sounds like the guys have really added some cool atmosphere as well. And it's well produced!...

I have a copy and think I might play it either tonight or in the near future. So New Years is rolling around and everyone wants my PA system. Man I really wish people would just do what I did and shell out the cash and buy one. It's wear and tear people. Well I wanted to thank El Macho for getting this blog thing going, now I can talk shit about everyone, ha ha ha! That's a joke.. Well anyways I hope I am doing this correct if not Joel FIX IT DAMMIT! Once again thanks to all the FEVER regulars.

See you tonight!

By the way here is our new logo and T-shirts will be made soon.


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