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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

M-G-M-T, S-S-C, M-O-U-S-E, S-T-F-U Joel!

I was watching Letterman, and he had a Brooklyn band called MGMT on his show. I've heard the name before, but knew nothing about them, so I checked it out. They did a great cover of Radiohead's "Stop Whispering" from the 'Pablo Honey' album.

What? Wait... what? You mean to tell me the band was actually playing an original song? Uh oh...

I kid, I kid. I'm sure it will be on YouTube in the next day or so. You can hear it for yourself. It wasn't bad, but structurally it was clearly "Stop Whispering".

EDIT: And here it is!

Props to the guy on keys wearing the Super Collider shirt. Either one of those shirts made it up to his buddy's resale shop, or he's originally from Denton via Ellis County. A lot of us here in Waxahachie and the rest of the county still wonder what could have been had Clinton not killed the SSC project in 1993. A lot of the buildings still sit empty. An entrance to the tunnel is less than a quarter mile from my house. We used to wake up on Saturday mornings to the sounds of explosions. There's a lot happening in this town right now that really should have happened 15 years ago, but if I continue to go off like this, you'd be in for a long read, so I'll stop. Do some research though if you're inclined. It would've been pretty cool.

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