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Friday, January 11, 2008

ROCKTOPIA is finally here

ROCKTOPIA is finally upon us. We'll get started at 10, and we won't stop until 2. I have no idea what to expect tonight. If you're worried about it being too loud and heavy for you, don't. It's not going to be as metal as we've been advertising, but yes, there will be METAL!

The crossover traffic from the Transona Five show at Sloppyworld might be a bit confused. I might try to pop in and catch a bit of that. I'm too young to remember the first time around. In fact, I wasn't familiar with Sandwich Records until Richard Ross brought them to my attention only a couple of years ago. I got two albums, The Swells' electrostaticvibraverb, which I still listen to at least once a week, and Transona Five's Duffle Bag, which has sadly been lost in the mountains of CDs and records I've accumulated over the years. If I don't see them tonight, there's always Melodica Revisited in late February.

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