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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Earthquakes in England?

I didn't know England was on any sort of fault line, but apparently there was a 5.2 earthquake yesterday. According to the drummer for Delays, it was their fault. He explained in NME:

“I immediately escorted my fellow Delays to the nearest archway which is the safest place to be in times like this, where we waited it out and apologised to the locals for our show maybe rocking too hard.

“They were all lovely though and said it was worth every piece of cracked china. We did feel a pang of guilt this morning though when TV broadcast some heartbreaking images of a roof with one slate missing and a lawn with half a brick on it.”

Strange times indeed.

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Leslie said...

While England isn't situated along the meeting of two tetonic plates, there are fault lines in England that can produce earthquakes. While they are rare, they are usually small.

Texas has earthquakes too sometimes.

*Leslie shoves the Geology nerd back in the box*

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