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Thursday, February 14, 2008

FEVER and Mondo are happening tomorrow night

When I lived in New York, I would find myself dancing at Mondo. It was FEVER without all of the obvious 80s cliches. Every other week I'd be jumping around to The Smiths, Kaiser Chiefs, Los Campesinos!, Belle & Sebastian, Blur, Pulp, and Arcade Fire. It was so much fun. I've tried to interject a bit of Mondo into FEVER since I came home. You seem to be enjoying it so far.

The kids at Mondo have their own blog that they update from time to time, usually when they come across a new artist that you should probably check out.

I love it when FEVER and Mondo happen on the same night. When that moment hits when you know both nights are packed to the brim and going strong, I can seriously feel some sort of cosmic bond between the two. Yes, FEVER is happening tomorrow night. We'll be taking next week off for Melodica, so get there early and get in as much dancing as you can, because you won't have another chance until February 29th.

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