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Monday, February 4, 2008

If you blinked, you didn't miss it

Mark "E" Everett had planned to air a one second commercial for the Eels' "Useless Trinkets" compilation during the Super Bowl yesterday. Obviously, if you watched the game, or just watched for the commercials, you didn't see a one second ad. E explained on their website:

"In the end we were told that the NFL would have to find 29 other advertisers to buy 1 second spots to fill a standard 30 second advertising slot and that they do not sell advertising time by the second. They also noted that a rapid fire 30 second segment of thirty 1 second commercials could cause people with certain medical conditions to have seizures and that it was against network regulations."

It probably went more like this:

"You want to spend how much on a Super Bowl ad? HAHAHAHA!"

Well, he actually made the thing, and the Eels website also has the full version, which clocks in at seven seconds.

Here's the short version:

Here's the full version:


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