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Monday, March 17, 2008

Thanks John

John Freeman left a comment on my previous post regarding Sloppyworld, which was his venue. I suppose my words were a bit too harsh, for which I will apologize here. It's a shame that nobody could really get a straight answer from the city. I really do applaud the effort. Too many of us, myself included, talk a big game, but very few actually do something about it. That's why I'm personally ready to take FEVER to the next level. I think any bridges that were burned because of past projects I was involved in should at least be partially rebuilt by this point. If not, I'll figure out a way to get it done.

As for Sloppyworld, you can donate to help pay off their citations by visiting their website.

And now, back to music:

Cooper Temple Clause (RIP) - "Homo Sapiens":

1 comment:

john said...

Thank you for the props. I hope my comment didn't come off as "shitty" it's just been a really bad couple of weeks. Keep doing what you do. Rock n Roll will never die. I appreciate your thoughts and support.
-John Freeman

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