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Friday, May 9, 2008

FEVER is tonight

Sorry for the lack of content this week. I'll knock it all out in one post:

- The new Presets album, "Apocalypso", is full of win. You'll be hearing a lot of it in the next couple of weeks at FEVER.

- Emo isn't evil. Emo is fashion, just like punk, grunge, disco, and yes, even indie before it. What we have in the My Chemical Romance case is simply a kid that was desperate for attention, and in hanging herself, she's got it. 14:58... 14:59... *click*... move on.

- I don't know who this guy is that the Rangers signed, but his Sidney Ponson impersonation is horrible! This guy is throwing strikes and winning ballgames. That's definitely not Ponson's style. Seriously though Sid, keep it up. You're about the only good thing the Rangers have going for them right now. Oh, and Brandon Boggs. I don't know where this Boggs kid came from, but I like him.

- Rick Carlisle as the new Mavs coach. Did anyone happen to notice the trail of EPIC FAIL he's left behind in his previous jobs?

FEVER is tonight at Fallout Lounge (835 Exposition Avenue, Dallas). As you read, I'll be playing some new Presets, and Cameron will be playing the new Portishead album. We'll see you tonight.

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