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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Have the Facts, and I'm voting Yes

Leslie and I wound up seeing Death Cab for Cutie on Tuesday night. It was free, and she's my favorite nerd, so any chance I get to hang with her is time well spent.

The night started with Oakland's Rogue Wave, who delivered a quality 40 minute set that set the tone quite nicely. Death Cab hit the stage right at 9:15 and went immediately into "Bixby Canyon Bridge". I was expecting that, like Snow Patrol, the band would pretend that their indie label back catalouge didn't exist. So, imagine my surprise when the second song in the set was "The New Year", and they later played "Why You'd Want to Live Here" and "A Movie Script Ending" from 'The Photo Album'. It's refreshing when a band realizes that their hardcore fans are still in the crowd amongst the "I like that one soul meets body song" teens.

Death Cab played for a good 90 minutes, and spanned their entire career, even going back to 'We Have the Facts and Are Voting Yes'. As I said, very surprising. Ben was sounding great, and the band were amazingly tight. The night ended with a stunning version of "Transatlanticism", which I thought was a nice bookend to the opening ambiance of "Bixby...". All in all, not a bad night.

Highlights: Bixby Canyon Bridge, The New Year, Why You'd Want to Live Here, Long Division, A Movie Script Ending, I Will Possess Your Heart, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Transatlanticism

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