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Monday, June 2, 2008

YOU! ME! DANCING! on July 5th

I've got a new monthly night starting on Saturday, July 5th. I'm naming the night YOU! ME! DANCING! after my favorite Los Campesinos! song. If you're a fan of FEVER, you should probably be at this night. I'm trying to get another guest DJ or two on board, but so far you've got myself and Mr. Rid, who you know from Scareoke at the Meridian Room. I worked the Marc Bolan tribute night with him last year, and trust me, we're going to have some fun.

YOU! ME! DANCING! is Saturday, July 5th at Sons of Hermann Hall. Music starts at 9pm. It's free for the first hour, $5 from 10pm on. Come out to FEVER on Fridays to see how you can get in for free.

Here's the song that inspired the name:


Kristen said...

oh great!!! better venue! dancefloor = happiness.

Anonymous said...

Yes! A place with a dance floor! And maybe some mood lighting?

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