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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking back control

I could be like every one else and post about the "incident" Tuesday night involving Crystal Castles, Vega, and the Granada Theater, but frankly, you all know the story by now, or the version you choose to believe anyway. My NES 'Dynowarz' cart has better music than the Crystal Castles album. I tried to give Vega a listen, since he got shafted in the whole deal, but I turned it off after five seconds. Disco beat, keyboard, been there, done that. I have nothing against the guy. I'm just bored with it all.

Personally, I liked the whole new disco thing ten years ago when it was called Bis:

Now, on to matters more important than hipster pissing contests. We're taking back control of FEVER this week. MUDI and I had a good discussion earlier in the week, and we've come to realize that we're not so much DJs now, but rather puppets, catering to whatever drunk girl #644 wants us to play. There's dumbing down the playlist for weekends, and then there's what we've become. Well, no more. We're still going to drink, dance, and have a good time, but it's going to be more on our terms now. Let loose and have fun. Dance when you hear Cut Copy, groove when we play "Fool's Gold", and pump your fists when we play "Shout at the Devil". We'll still gladly take requests, but the tip jar will be out in plain sight. If you ask us to "play something else", like the girl who I've never seen in nearly four years of doing FEVER asked us to do last week, I will point and laugh at you, and probably tell you to go back to The Quarter. If you're a regular, then please keep coming out. We already know what you like.

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