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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alan Wilder VS. Depeche Mode

Written By: MŮDI

I was just thumbing through all my DM albums and thinking back to when Alan Wilder left the band because certain issues going on with him and Martin Gore.  Long after I stumbled upon Hydrology 1+2 which is Recoil.  I have added the song called plus up here to show how much Alan changed the sound of Depeche Mode.  To this day, not that it really matters anymore but it's clearly obvious what he did in this track.  He meshed what seems to be an entire song of Depeche Mode Sounds that I am assuming this was his doing.  It's creepy but also you have a great appreciation of how much detail was taken to create the sound scape of Depeche Mode. 

Please check out this track by Alan Wilder of Recoil / track # 4 called Plus: Recoil / Plus see if you can point out where and what songs these belong to.

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