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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Kessler Review

My first time at the Kessler was last Saturday, I have seen the many post from Jeffrey Liles about the venue but always had something going on the nights I tried to go check it out.  Saturday was my first time at the Kess. This place was not at all like I expected it to be, and I guess that is me being out of the loop.  My first thoughts were that someone who has a serious love for music put this venue together from the beautiful bar to the wall decor, art and sound system, to the little comfy chairs to sit in. 

From top to bottom this place is a great live venue, and I don't mean for people who are looking to draw on the bathroom walls and piss on the floor.  This in my opinion is a very mature artsy well sounding venue for the serious listener.  If your out for the local show or wanting to take a date for a good time, this is a nice little venue, with a nice little art gallery up stairs that Jeff pointed out to me.  Everything seem to flow great from the bands playing, to the bartenders making the drinks. The great thing I enjoyed was the fact they had a nice beer and wine selection on top of everything else.  I'm sure everyone has already reviewed this place with much thought after comments. Honestly I could not find anything remotely wrong with this place, not that I was looking... but this place made me feel comfortable from the time I entered to the time I left.

I really hope to see a vast selection of well rounded talent, because this place has a lot of potential to host some really great acts.  So if you get an opportunity to go see a show or have a beer this place is a great way to spend an evening.

Thumbs up on the Kessler

Directions to The Kessler:
1230 West Davis

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