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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Interview's Over...

Silverchair announced their "indefinite hibernation" last week via their website. The general public's reaction was, "Silverchair were still together?", which is understandable. After finding early success with their debut album Frogstomp, the band virtually vanished here in America. That's a real shame, because their greatest musical output was still to come.

I remember buying Silverchair's Neon Ballroom and The Smashing Pumpkins' Adore on release day during spring break in 1997. I was blown away by how musical the band had become. This wasn't just angst with distortion anymore. This was actual music. It was a much mature sound. That maturity would only improve with the release of Diorama. Diorama was an important album in my life. As a fan of Silverchair, it was a link to the child that I was when I first heard their music, and the man that I was becoming. Things that were old could be new again. The band once again reinvented themselves with 2007's Young Modern, which many consider to be the best album of their career. "Straight Lines" is absolutely gorgeous.

Now, nearly 18 years after "Tomorrow" first hit the airwaves, the band is done. I'm not sure why I've allowed it to affect me the way it has. Maybe it has to do with what I mentioned earlier, that link to my past. I'm now in my thirties, and I'm becoming more aware with each day of the disappearance of my youth. That's the thing about music, though. Bands come and go, but they always leave something behind. As long as we keep listening, the band is never truly gone.


"Abuse Me":

"Emotion Sickness":

"Across the Night":

"Straight Lines":

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