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Friday, July 22, 2011

FEVER Friday mix 7-22-11

Music has the power to heal, or at least make things a bit better.

For those of you who haven't been following Facebook and Twitter for the last 48 hours, my grandfather passed away around 6:20 yesterday morning. He lived a good, long life on this Earth. I'm blessed to have known him.

One thing he would ask of me if he were here right now would be not to put my life on pause because he's gone. So, as it is every Friday, here is your weekly FEVER mix. I've kept it very upbeat. As I said earlier, music heals.

It's our normal FEVER night, so go pop in and see MUDI at Tradewinds in Oak Cliff tonight at 10pm. I know a lot of you are heading to The Smoke! anniversary bash, which you should. Eight years, especially in Dallas, is a long time. Congratulations to Jason and Marcos on sticking around and making people dance. MUDI and I's sixth anniversary is Friday, August 19th at Tradewinds. We'd love to see you all out that night.

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