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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A couple of months ago, I told you about Falling Andes. If you were a fan of their free download single "San Francisco", you will be happy to know that there's a bit more where that came from. This week, the band have released their debut EP Frantic, and at only five songs in length, you will find yourself wanting more.

Originally the brainchild of lead singer Dan Peluso, Falling Andes has become a complete four piece band, and as Frantic would suggest at first listen, this is a band capable of producing some catchy power pop. Opener "I Don't Love You" has harmonies that recall Wheat, and "Break Me" contains a driving beat that will remind you of every great Cheap Trick song of the 1970s and early 80s. Songs like "Start Again" and the title track show a softer side of the band, but still maintain the same qualities that let you know that something special is going on here.

Frantic is a very solid debut release. The future looks very bright for Falling Andes. They have nowhere to go from here but up... and up... and up.


"San Francisco" video:

Falling Andes - San Francisco (Official Music Video) from Falling Andes on Vimeo.

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