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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hear it here first: SULK

Not too long after The Stone Roses vanished and Verve went commercial, Indie music took a dramatic turn. Before too long, you either had to be a synth-heavy dance band or dress like it's 1928 and sing folk songs to be considered Indie (looking at you, Mumford). Don't get me wrong. There's still some great stuff out there now, but I keep finding myself asking the same question: "Where are the guitars?"

Enter SULK, one of a few shoegaze revivalists making their mark in the UK right now. It only takes a few seconds of listening to their latest single, "Back in Bloom", to hear that they are doing their best to bring that swirling, massive guitar sound back to the forefront of Indie music. THANK. GOD.

"Back in Bloom":

There's not a lot out there about this band. There is no official band bio. They're letting the music speak for itself, and what it says to me is, "Holy sh*t, this is magic."


They will be in Austin in March 2012 as part of SXSW. I smell a road trip. (EDIT 12/14/11: I have it on good authority that SXSW will in fact NOT be happening. Oh well.)

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