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Thursday, January 24, 2008

FEVER - It's that time again. Oh, and the new Feist video

That's right kids, we're back to every Friday at the Fallout Lounge. Music starts at 10pm, sometimes a bit earlier. I've got a bunch of new stuff on tap for the early portion of the night, so come on out and hear it.

Planning on coming out and want to hear something? That's what comments are for, sillyass!

Here's the video for Feist's "I Feel It All". I can't really get into the album, but I really like this song.


niners said...

I'm in the mood for some Pulp "Anorexic Beauty" or "Your sister's clothes"
Also, the Sparks "Eaten By the Monster of Love" with a side of "Sexbomb" by Tom Jones (That last one is probably not gonna happen is it?)

Joel "El Macho" said...

That last one is probably not gonna happen is it?

shows what you know...

Amanda said...

You should totally rock some Sharon Jones in honor of her Dallas appearance on Sunday.

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