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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Melodica - night one

So far, so good.

I arrived at Sloppyworld just in time to catch Stumptone, and was instantly floored. I have never heard shoegaze live in Dallas.

I caught a bit of The Frenz once they were done. The Frenz EP is now available for the next two weeks at Stereo on Strike. Go have a listen. It was sounding pretty sweet until they blew out the PA system. Technical demons. They're out there.

I walked over to Fallout while they were fixing the problems and caught a couple of minutes of Sydney Confirm. Not to brag, but the only other time I've seen the place that packed has been at FEVER. If you're a Chromeo fan, you'd probably dig 'em.

After meeting up with friends, it was back over to Sloppyworld for Silver Apples. I can't say much that hasn't already been said on other blogs and forums, except that us Britpop fans probably recognize the name from when Simien performed with Damon and Graham at the Meltdown festival when John Peel curated it. I enjoyed it because it was so different. I don't know the first thing about synthesizers, oscillators, or any of that stuff, so to see Simien at work was a lot like watching a mad scientist in his lab.

I spent the rest of the evening dancing at Minc, which unfortunately means I missed Spectrum and Light Bright Highway. I'll most likely see them at Dada on Sunday, but hopefully LBH will get things going again.

The best part about the night though? Every participating venue was filled. Okay, so maybe 85% of them were there to be scene, but there were some of us that came for the music, and we were not disappointed. I'm anxious to see what tonight has in store for me.

Saturday highlights:

Mission Giant @ Sloppyworld (8pm)
Transona 5 @ Avenue Arts (10pm)
[a]pendics shuffle and Kold Comfort Farm @ Minc

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