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Friday, May 16, 2008

FEVER tonight - Benefit for DT

Tonight's FEVER is a benefit for DT. Cameron posted the details on MySpace (WARNING: fairly gruesome picture posted below):

Hey guys and gals, tonight it's DJ MUDI spinning tonight or digitally pushing buttons. El Macho has the night off to mix and mingle with the ladies.

Anyways a friend of mine who you may know DT or Dave got sucker punched by a homeless guy. The story to be told is that the homeless guy asked him for money and he declined and went about his business. Well the homeless guy decided to sucker punch Dave in the eye and has caused serious damage to him. Basically he was hit so hard his eye is sinking into his head.

To make a long story short we need to finish raising $1400 dollars to help pay to fix his eye or he will loose all site in the eye. I have posted pictures to show you the horrible incedent. Please if you can bring a dollar or two to help him out. We have already raised close to 600 dollars. I will be giving some money and so will Fallout. We will have a donation thing at the Bar. I greatly appreciate it and so will Dave.

I will post a flyer soon!

FEVER WILL BE ON so come join us for good times...




I will be attending the Switches concert. I've seen She Wants Revenge already, and I'm not interested in the other bands, so tonight is all about them. I might pop in to Fallout later.

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