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Monday, June 2, 2008

Smells like disgusting thievery

Lately, the NME website hasn't been much of a good source of music news. I usually find myself looking at the site thinking, "blah blah blah, flavor of the month, blah blah blah, oh look Mike Skinner has something to say, blah blah blah, Amy's been arrested again...".

Then you see something like this jump out at you: Kurt Cobain's ashes stolen.

You read that right. Apparently there was a break-in at Courtney Love's home in Los Angeles. Jewelery, clothes, and the teddy bear that contained the last of his ashes and a lock of his hair were stolen. Courtney was quoted in the article as saying:

"I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me. I find it disgusting and right now I'm suicidal. If I don't get them back I don't know what I'll do."

"They were all I had left of my husband. I used to take them everywhere with me just so I could feel Kurt was still with me. Now it feels like I have lost him all over again."

EDIT: You know, as the days pass and nothing more has been said about this story on any other news source, I'm leaning toward this being just another stunt by batsh*t crazy Courtney.

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