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Friday, June 11, 2010

David Bowie is Thinking about Retiring

Written By: MŮDI

David Bowie announces that he is thinking about calling it quits with touring. 

His answers is "I'm Comfortable."  Which in my opinion is a honest answer from the legendary rock musician.  Not only has Bowie changed the sound of rock he has also influnced and exposed musicians who never would have had the chance to be seen by a normal audience or mainstream.  David Bowie is a staple and a modern day hero to anyone who is young or old.  I was lucky enough to see three of David Bowies tours (Glass Spider, Outside Tour and the Heathen Tour).  I'm not old just lucky that I had cool parents. Bowie has been on an unannounced hiatus for the last six years — but his quote to the Times confirms there will be no new Bowie shows in the near future.  This is sad news but I am sure most Bowie Fans would understand.  Bowie a couple years back went through some medical issues or basically suffered a heart attack, so I am sure this was a wake up call to cool-it-down, but David Bowie still made surprise appearances onstage with Arcade Fire, Alicia Keys and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. I honestly think Bowie will always find a niche or find something cool or new in anything he does because, "that is what he does" "he is David Bowie!" 

For now, looks like Bowie and Iman will enjoy living a somewhat normal life.  In the meantime Bowie Say's "He draws, paints and collects 20th-century British art," the Times piece says." From alien to art rocker David Bowie will never be forgotten or dismissed as a has-been.  Rest assure David Bowie Mr. Ziggy Stardust will not leave us hanging.  I'm sure he will squeeze out a couple more studio albums before his spaceship returns.

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