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Friday, June 11, 2010

FEVER Fridays Pod Cast by DJ MŮDI

ell here we go, are you ready for you pants to come off... Check this mix out!

It's Friday and I just finished up pod cast #1.  For all you Mods and Rockers I'm sure you will enjoy this 16 track mix I put together for you.  Check back with us every Friday for our weekly pod cast.  Hopefully this player will play on your smart phones.  If not click on the link below to stream it, that will for sure play.  Anyways hope you true music fans will appreciate some good ole` greaser rock and roll from the 1950's.  This is 16 tracks mix or rare vintage rock n`roll....  If your interested in this first mix, don't worry I have a WHOLE lot more!  If you would like for us to come DJ in your town give us a shout as well.  Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

Click here for the link: FEVER FRIDAY MUDI MIX #1

Our Disclaimer: We just mix it we don't sell it!

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