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Friday, June 11, 2010

DEVO - Offensive to God?

If you've ever been to FEVER, you should know by now that we're massive fans of Devo. We've hosted the after show events the last two times the band has graced Dallas with their presence (2006 and 2009). Shaking Gerald V. Casale's hand was a great moment for me.

Their new album Something For Everybody will be released this coming Tuesday, June 15th. Never one to shy away from trying different things, Devo have used various viral marketing campaigns on the internet to get the word out about the album. One such video shows a billboard for the new album going up in none other than Waco, Texas, about 100 miles south of Dallas. As you could probably guess, the results were probably not what they were looking for. Then again, being Devo, maybe they were.

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