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Friday, June 18, 2010


It's Friday so I am not going to say much... As you know we are going to launch a mix every Friday!  El Macho had a killer mix ready but for some reason the website we were dealing with and the gods of chaos decided to say fuck you El Macho no mix for you!  Well in hopes that I can save the day I have put together another MŮDI Mix for you.. Click play and it will explain it all... BTW we are DJ'ing tonight at Tradewinds from 9-2 TONIGHT meaning Friday, so we really hope to see all you guys tonight since I just got canned from my job, hey it's OK I'm a smart guy and should figure it out, heh - I made this stupid Blog didn't I lol!.. No Sad Bastard Guilt Trip Sorry!.  the man let me go shit happens! So hopefully we can have a fun night and rock the house and drink the night away... Also Phil will be cranking out those kick as Pizzas so if your hungry this will be your one stop shop for fun!  Ok listen to the new mix!  Hey if my grammar isn't all that great, sorry Im a bit DYSLEXIC?  hey it's my shtick?

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