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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok this video is just to effin cute - Ratatat LP4 "Party With Children"

So LP4 is out by Ratatat, I just got my experience of "Party With Children".  The song for some reason just makes you want to dance silly.  After seeing the video I couldn't help but like this song even more or should I say seeing the viral of videos with this cute little parakeet just makes the video.  I am getting mixed feelings hearing the song.  Describing this song - I think to myself what would happen if Queen, ELO and Mario from Super Mario Brothers collided in a 8-bit musical time machine?  You get "Party With Children"..  it's a fine track.

I'm pretty sure I will knock this one out at FEVER, it just seems like a good little fun song to play.  So check out this cute video from Ratatat called "Party With Children".

Oh if this one wasn't good enough check Mr. Parakeet here on this one..

If you would like to pick up the new album click here:  RATATAT LP4 @ Good Records - If you purchase this at Good Records please let them know the guys on the FEVER blog sent us to you.  Appreciate it!

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