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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What do you know about Iron Maiden; well it was a medieval torture device that gave you quite a prick!

Call me old and ancient... but a little bird told me Iron Maiden played, I just had to laugh. Don't get me wrong I was a big Maiden fan back when my hair was down to my ass. Some of my fond memories of this band was being hungover at someone’s party, and my drunk metal buddies asking me hey tonight is Iron Maiden do you want to go see them. I didn't think twice... I said oh hell yeah, still being hungover from the night before at a total animal house party. So do I like Iron Maiden yes! Maiden seems to be the only band that my high school history teachers could spend an entire lecture talking about. Why? If you were a Maiden fan or know what this band is about you, understand that most of Bruce Dickens lyrics are taking from history events incorporated with METAL! Which seem to be at the time most of what 80s metal bands tried to capture. Iron Maiden not only had the sound but the show... and I mean the show! After sitting around in my bedroom as a kid staring for hours at the album covers you couldn't help but fantasize about Eddie, that evil rotting corpse thing with that shit-eating grin wanting to kill every normal human, preist and parent in the evolution of history, he was the pop icon for evil. Hey, All I gotta` say is "I was there", I saw the Power Slave Tour. This tour kicked more ass than anything I have ever seen. Ok so I didn't go to the show the other night, but then again I really didn't want to ruin the fond memories I had of this band. Iron Maiden is still one of the true Metal Arena Rock bands of the 80s and they in my mind will always hold the title for amazing concerts and over the top stage presence. Hey you should already know who this band is, need I say more.

If you would like a suggestion... These are the albums that count in my opinion:

1. 1980 Iron Maiden
2. 1981 Killers
3. 1982 The Number of the Beast
4. 1983 Piece of Mind
5. 1984 Power Slave
6. 1986 Somewhere in Time

Here is a look back at the Powerslave Tour for you hipsters. This is not the original tour but it's in HD and looks I would say a lot better than what I saw back in 1984 stoned.

To Purchase this Album: Power Slave Album

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