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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things Macho Likes: The Divine Comedy - "At The Indie Disco"

Neil Hannon, aka The Divine Comedy, released his latest album Bang Goes the Knighthood this past Monday (June 7th). Above is the video for the first single, "At the Indie Disco".

The song is a basic 4/4 pop tune, and lacks the grandiose, over the top, almost ready for the West End stage sound that Hannon is known for. You can attribute most of that to Joby Talbot (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), but that's another story for another time. While this song isn't your typical Hannon fare, I still enjoy it, mostly because it reminds me of being young and listening to all of the bands that he mentions. The song basically describes what I bring to the table at FEVER. I like the idea of fashionable boys and girls dancing to great indie songs. Expect to hear this one on June 18th.

You can purchase Bang Goes the Knighthood from The Divine Comedy's website.

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