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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mirrors - Lights and Offerings

Remember those early Depeche Mode singles? True, they weren't always happy, but at least some of them were written in a major key. Somewhere along the line, things turned dark, and every synthpop group that has followed suit has only focused on the dark. Hurts are a prime example.

But now, enter Mirrors, and their debut effort Lights and Offerings. Finally, the dark is rising!

From the very beginning of "Fear of Drowning", you're hooked. The lush synthesizer layers and vocal harmonies provide a taste of what's to come throughout the entire album. This is a group that clearly loves that early Depeche Mode sound, as you will hear on "Write Through the Night". "Ways to an End" will and should be a club anthem that stands alongside anything by New Order or Kraftwerk.

In an era of slit your wrists synthpop, Mirrors' Lights and Offerings is a breath of fresh, yet retro air. Even if you don't dance, this album will make you move.

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