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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why our night is different from all the other nights in Dallas.

I don't claim to be a god or messiah or even like I am the king, but I do know what sounds good!  I really don't understand why people wouldn't want to come out to hear stuff that is different, rare, or even stuff that has been forgotten about.  Just don't get it!  I guess you could say it's all about fear that another DJ may actually smoke you in knowledge of music.  Whatever the case, I love to DJ and really just make people happy and expand peoples' possibility of what they could be missing out on.  Joel and I wanted to strip it down, take away the bullshit cliques of Dallas, and just have a night that is fun and has no boundaries. I have actually been getting out of the house more after going through a bad unemployment vacation.  It was not fun!  So now that things are topping off and I am getting my chops back, I have jumped back into the band scene with my new band Inter Magnetic which is a cross between Rock and Electronic music.  We have played two shows and have had very good response from the listeners.  Anyways, back to the DJ thing. Joel and I are still rocking out and working with our good friends at Tradewinds.  Yes, it would be nice to be back on the other side of town, but oh well.  So, now that I have been venturing out, it's apparent that people miss our night at Fallout Lounge.  I keep telling people we still DJ at Tradewinds but no one seems interested in crossing over to the OC for the night. Their Loss! It's a great bar, honestly.  Joel and I have jumped back on the blogging thing since the crumbling of WSJR.  Honestly, there is a part of me that misses that hipster shit, and then the other part is saying, "they did nothing but bash everything in Dallas that possibly had some greatness to it." So, oh well. Things come and go, and that is just the way it is...

 But hey, this is a blog, and sometimes you aren't going to agree with what we say, but we are all friends here and I, like you, love music, and I love people who give a shit about this scene and who want to work together and not be some ego driven no talent ass clown DJ.  Anyways it's all for the love of music!

So in a time of  Middle East rebellion, I think it's time to bust out Front 242's Funk Gadhafi !!!  See now, if I was doing FEVER soon, I would rip this tune out!!! Bet you forgot about that one.  These other nights who claim to know their 80's? I laugh. Why? Because I was there!

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